Monday, January 19, 2009

just me checking in. . .

Okay, so I have given up on trying to upload photos without my computer, photoshop, and files. I just wanted to check in and say HI! I guess I am giving in to the fact that I will be MIA for a bit.  So please don't give up on me. . .check back, and I hope to be back in full swing soon.  Until then, I am opting out of Hip Hop for the next weeks until I can get back on track! I will miss you girlies!  
For today, be sure to stop by the Card Positioning Systems blog, and check out the fun projects. . .in honor of our coming 100th sketch, this week you get to choose your favorite sketch from the past 99! HOW FUN, huh!? And there's a fun GIVEAWAY for someone who shares their card this week too! Go. . .check it out!
And after that, have you been to the PRODUCT section of the Unity Stamp Company website!? Angela has been busy doing all sorts of reorganizing of stamp sets, adding NEW stamp sets (things that I don't even have in my hot little hands yet!) and doing lots of COOL stuff.  Go peruse the stamps and start your wishlist! (Mine grew a LOT this morning and I wandered around!) 
Alright, that's it for today! Have a GREAT week!!


Patty said...

We are going to miss you during Hip Hop!!! Hope you get back up and running SOON!!!

Jenn said...

Hope you get things figures out and aren't gone for to long