Saturday, February 28, 2009

catching up feels SO good!

Ahhhhh. It feels good to cross some things off a to-do list, doesn't it? Projects had seriously piled up, and I had an EXTREME amount of work to do before the end of the month. This week I managed to get through everything, and now I can take a LITTLE breath. (Just not for too long, or I will be behind all over again!)

This is a quick little card I made using the Little Buggers set from Unity. . . this set has some cute little bugs, but it's also possible to make some really cute bug-free projects too! This is SO simple, just ink, and colored pencils. But I think the notched out corners add the extra little pop this card needed. I hope you like it! And I hope you have a GREAT weekend. We have a birthday party to attend today, and a BBQ here at our house tomorrow. . .it will be a busy weekend! I hope I am well enough to enjoy it! (Could someone please tell my tummy that I am almost 14 weeks pregnant, and it's time to STOP feeling sick!?)

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