Tuesday, March 31, 2009

baby cakes

Thanks for all the happy wishes on the baby news yesterday! We still have to figure out the perfect boy's name. . .but I'm sure we'll think of something!!!

Kim Hughes made the cutest little cupcake stamp, as part of her Tag, You're It set (from Cornish Heritage Farms) It SO cute (and SO tiny! I'm always afraid I am going to lose this stamp!) This card didn't make it into the May/June issue of PaperCrafts, but they did use it for one of their bonus online projects. I just thought I'd share the link!

edited: i don't know why the first link i posted doesn't work, but if you go to THIS link, scroll down to the Online Bonus Projects - mine is called "Baby Cakes Card."



Kellie Fortin said...

tried to follow your link to your online card and it says that it has been removed.

Kellie Fortin said...

I meant moved...thought you might want to find the new link and edit your post.

Laura said...

yep didn't work for me either. it's the exact link though because i found it when i went to the may/june magazine link. weird!

congrats on making it on the bonus projects! super cute card! :)