Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday's card. . .and swimwear?!

Happy Saturday! I have a little card to share with you today. I played with this card for quite a long time . . .still not totally sure how I feel about it, but I was trying to take a risk and use a different color scheme from what I might normally use. Purple, is NOT one of my go-to colors, but I really like this paper, and I wanted to make this card work. Every once in a while, it's good to take a risk!! I used some GCD Studios paper (have you been by to see their new blog?) and stamps from Unity's March Kit of the Month.

In other non-crafty news, . . . I spent a wonderful day yesterday with my family, and my hubby's family. I had the YUMMIEST club sandwich for lunch, that I am still thinking about. (tee hee!) Also did some online maternity shopping with my mother-in-law. Have you ever shopped for a maternity bathing suit?Oh DEAR, there are some HORRIFYING ones out there!!! Here's what I ordered. In regular (non-maternity) life I always get swimsuits that have the cute little skirt attached, because the bottom half of me does not care to be exposed!!! But it is REALLY tough to find cute MATERNITY bathing suits with a skirt. I love these polka dots though, and I like that it doesn't have a huge plunging neckline (definitely not in need of extra cleavage-creating swimwear right now!) I have NEVER ordered a bathing suit. . .or any other article of clothing, online before though. I am so particular (just ask anyone who has ever shopped with me before!) so I don't know what the chances are of this actually FITTING. . .but I'll keep my fingers crossed until it arrives next week!
And now, the cartoons are on, and naptime is CALLING my name. Have a wonderful afternoon, and I will be back tomorrow with a new CPS card to share!!! :) Hugs everyone!! XOXO


Angie Hagist said...

Oh my goodness! I bought a bathing suit very similar to that. It's polka dot, anyway...not maternity! CUTE

Laura said...

i think that swim suit is SUPER cute!! i have only had one thing that i've bought online not fit me and it was jeans. i just have a horrible time finding them so it really didn't surprise me. all the swimsuits have fit that i've bought online, so i think you'll be ok. :)

i love the one you picked out!! it is TOO cute!! :)

Elizabeth said...

So funny, you and I are total opposites about what we want in an maternity suit. I would be all about something low cut to show off my new founded prego breast, and cringe at the thought of my giant stomach being accented with polk a dots!

Hope it fits, and you love it when it arrives!