Monday, March 9, 2009

Some wood stamps for sale!

(EDITED: All stamps have sold! THANK YOU!)

All I can think of, is the classic children's book, called Caps For Sale. The man walks around yelling "Caps for sale! 50 cents a cap!" Well, I don't have caps for sale, but I do have stamps for sale. . .and although they aren't 50 cents a stamp, I am DEFINITELY willing to make a deal!So check out what I have, (if you click on the image, it should make it a little larger.) All of these stamps are used, but some of them are just barely used. Later on today, I will try and measure some of the stamps to give you an idea on the size - I know it can be difficult to tell in the photos, especially if you aren't familiar with the stamps. I have more stamps too . .. but here's a start. Some of these were not originally in a set together . . and some of them are not totally complete sets, but if you aren't some sort of crazy Close To My Heart stamp collector, then hopefully it won't matter to you, if you like the stamps!

At this point, I don't have a hard fast price for anything. If there's a set you're interested in, just email me, and let's chat about it! I really just want to be rid of them, to free up some space. I am happy to give you a GREAT deal. :) So email me - tomatoL at aol dot com, or lauralooloo at 2Peas, and SCS.

I'll try to pop back in and add some measurements to these sets. Happy Monday, and Happy shopping!! ;)

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