Friday, April 10, 2009

Time Warp. . .fast forward, four years.

No, really - let's NOT fast forward four years. Because in four years my little man will be EIGHT. But for the sake of pretending (and for the sake of a magazine call that is looking for kid's birthday party invitations,) here is my FAKE (very VERY fake - please note, NOT my real phone number, people!) party invitation to Bryce's eighth birthday!
I typed it all up on the computer, printed it on cardstock, and then layered it together, adding my favorite little monster and skateboard from Kim Hughes, at Cornish Heritage Farms. (I paper-pieced him, by the way. SHOCKING, I know.)

I got the font from a GREAT website, called Kevin and
They have some SUPER cute FREE fonts there. (This one is called Jailbird Jenna!)

Have a great weekend!!


DeeDee said...

OMG! Laura, this is too darned adorable! You had me going there for a minute...I was thinking...I know her little man is NOT eight yet! LOL! This is sure to be picked for publishing! GREAT job girlie! HUGS!

Amy said...

SUCH a cute cute invitation! love it!

Robyn Weatherspoon said...

How adorable this is! LOVE it! Hugs!

Laura said...

well DARN! i was going to call you... hahahaha! ;)