Saturday, June 27, 2009

the scrappy mamas

these are my sweet sweet girlfriends. . .and i am so glad that angie was able to capture these pictures, using her tripod!!! we caught that last tiny bit of evening light, after the kiddos were in bed, and we could finally start our last Girls' Night before Annamaria moves (today. sniff sniff.)
I would be lost without these girls! We scrapbook together, drink coffee together (I think the Starbucks girls who work on Tuesday nights are starting to recognize us!) and sit around (wherever we end up. . usually Annamaria's house) talking until all hours of the night. (Although I usually cave first, and head home!!) When we get together with our kiddos each week, we attempt to keep them occupied as long as possible, so we can capture a few more minutes of "mommy-time" before the meltdowns begin, signaling the time to head home for lunch and naps.
But oh. . .how I love these mamas!!!!
And oh . .. .how I already miss my Annamia.


Tami Mayberry said...

* almost* makes me wat to move the Florida ;)

Nathalie said...

Hey Laura!
Have not been by here for a while and what made me think about you is this photo of you and your son and then this one on two different pages posted on 2peas by Charity. I went "hey, I know her!" :)
Funny thing is that I am also on the Nikki Sivils DT with her!!! :)
And BTW, you look marvelous with that big belly :) xoxo, Nathalie

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

Graet job. I like your blog and most important your card creations.

but why doesn't anyone make Baptism cards.... ???
thanks for sharing..