Tuesday, September 15, 2009

is this thing on???

Echo. . .echo. . .echo. . .anyone still here? Anyone still reading this blog? (And is anyone still WRITING this blog!?) Man, so much for being ahead of the game, and having blog posts all ready to go!!!

My art table is probably gathering cobwebs, and I am itching to sit down and work ONE OF THESE DAYS!!! Until then, I have two new-OLD cards to share, that I have had tucked away on the computer, waiting for a day like TODAY. And I'll be back on Thursday, to share some NEW RELEASES from Unity!!! (WoooHOO!!)
This first card is another of those "Use it or Lose it" cards - using up some stash. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this paper from BasicGrey. I just love the color combination. I hoarded the couple sheets I had, and I finally used up ALL the scraps making a set of cards that are all pretty similar to this. Even used up some paper flowers (I have TONS of them, and never seem to use them anymore.)
This second card is from the Apron Strings card kit (from July I think!) Sweet and simple, and using a super fun chipboard birdie, that I covered in white cardstock, and inked the edges of.
The hours and days here at home are rushing by leaving me wondering where the two weeks have gone, since Tanner was born. Although he and I have both had our share of minor battles and issues, all in all we are doing pretty well, and hopefully each day will continue to get a little easier and better. He is sleeping FAR better than his big brother did, so I am crossing my fingers that THAT will continue!!!
Speaking of which, he is ASLEEP right now, so let me take this opportunity to continue flying through all of the tasks (like blogging) that aren't getting done during his waking hours. (Peeing, eating, and brushing my teeth would also fall under this category!!) And before you know it, it will be time to pick up the Big Little Man from preschool, so I better hustle off!!!!
Seriously though, come back on Thursday, because I WILL have another post, and will have some Unity goodness to share!!


Lynne in NI said...

Helloooooooooooo! I'm still here, I don't comment much, but I frequently stalk your blog!
Glad to hear young Tanner is co-operating and sleeping plenty, though I wouldn't say that within his earshort, or that will be the end of that!

scrappingnana said...

Hi Laura, Glad you and Tanner are getting settled in and he is sleeping good for you. Your cards are very cute. I like the one with the Basic Grey paper. I love BG. TFS.

Nancy said...

I am always reading your blogs, I'll just comment more so you know :)

Juliet A said...

I'm here and I read whenever you post - I subscribe through a feed reader, so It may not show as a hit on your page)

Unfading Spring said...

I read your posts every time, Sorry I am also guilty of not always commenting, looks like you are copeing quite well, it does make a big difference when they sleep well.

love your cards, think I will have to dig out my Basicgrey too.

Hugs Carol x

Crystal said...

I'm here as well!