Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank you teacher!

Another Keep in Touch Card Kit card to share with you today! (I think I have one more after this!) These Jenni Bowlin letter stickers are so fun - and great for anything, but I felt like I really wanted to make a teacher card. I went with my old-standby favorite color combo . . .theres something about black and white polka dots, that I just HAVE to use red with it!!

My big man is off from school today (teacher work day maybe??) so we'll have to find something fun to do today!!! I hope you have a terrific Monday! XOXOXO

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Nancy said...

Yea, I like this one too! I wanna do something like this for the teachers at school. I used to have a tom of that lined paper, wonder if I still do??
I should send you a box of weird/odd materials and see what you come up with. It would be a fun challenge....