Monday, November 9, 2009

sweet n sassy and CPS 141

I used my Sweet 'n Sassy stamps to create this week's CPS card. You can see this card over on the Sweet 'n Sassy blog today too. I finally found some time to make some cards this week. The moments have been few and far between these days! I always think I will work in the evening after the kiddo and the baby are in bed . . .but by the time that happens, I am ready to CRASH!
I guess I better sleep when I can, because there are nights like last night, where I was giving the baby a bath at 4am, thanks to a. . .umm. . let's just say. .. "diaper incident" which just couldn't be cleaned up with anything less than a full bath (and a rug, changing pad, pajamas and sheets which had to go in the washer.) Never a dull moment!!! And then just a few hours later I was cleaning spit-up off the couch.
Thank goodness for Resolve, Febreeze, and Oxyclean!

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Belinda said...

Fun and simple! :) Love this cutie card! Ugh, diaper incidents don't sound like fun!