Tuesday, January 19, 2010

is it too late?

is it too late for christmas????
this is a card i did for CPS this week, using sweet goodies from October Afternoon. they are sponsoring our prize this week, so go check out the sketch, and link up your card to the CPS blog, for a chance to WIN!!!

so its only taken me THREE DAYS to try and get this post done. Why? I have NO idea. (Other than a baby always on my lap, a five year old who always wants to be on the computer if I'M on the computer (he's obsessed with Restaurant City on Facebook. . .how bad is that!?)
tomorrow I am packing up the two little boys and driving for six hours to visit my parents. (fun fun!)
leaving the hubby at home to bachelor it up.
I think there are plans in the works for Poker Night.
(and I'm leaving him with a pot of chili, steaks in the freezer, and a bag of Tostitos. . .so I think he'll be okay.)
Looking forward to getting LOTS of stampy goodness accomplished while I am away. (I hope!)


Gloria said...

love your card!

Donna said...

I must confess... I was not able to "pull off" Christmas cards... Plan B: New Year card... didn't happen either. I am now switching to Plan C: Valentine cards!