Thursday, January 28, 2010

someone else's goodies

It's always fun and inspiring to play with someone else's stash . . .and that is exactly what I got to do while I was at home visiting my parents. I raided my mom's Close To My Heart stash, her circle and scalloped punches of every size, and made this cute little ditty. (Thanks Mama!!!!)
I added the ribbon when I got home . . .but everything else is from Close To My Heart. (You can order yourself some goods right HERE - tee hee hee!)

After sitting in my mom's ROOM full of space to work, and space to store her stash, I feel a little claustrophobic in my little work area and my desk. But I'll keep reminding myself that I used to work at the kitchen table, and pull everything out each time I wanted to create. It doesn't matter WHERE we create, . . .what matters is that we DO.

Have a GREAT day!!!!


Adeline E. Brill said...

Your mama has the best stash!

Linda Beeson said...

This might be the cutest card you have ever created! I love that umbrella and that big bow.

Nancy said...

I really like those scallop punches. I wish I would have had more time [energy and motivation] to make cards with all that stuff when I was there alone. Glad you had fun :)

Jamiecrafts said...

the umbrella is CTMH? great card :)