Sunday, February 21, 2010

back to school (CPS 155)

I'm runnin' with the school theme right now. How can I help myself, with all the CUTE October Afternoon Report Card papers! I also used a little strip of lined paper, I think from (Creative Imaginations?) This is my CPS card for this week's sketch. You can check out the sketch, and all the designers projects throughout the week, HERE!
We are staying home from church this morning, while my little man finishes getting over his cold. He felt well enough to run around in the yard yesterday for a while, (the weather was soooo perfect! 60 degrees and sunny!) but he still sounds pretty crummy. I am going to take advantage of the lazy morning, put on some cartoons, and clean the bathroom - wooHOOO!!! I keep telling my hubby, "Someday, in our dream home, I am going to have a girls-only bathroom. Just for ME." I really actually LOVE being the only girl in the house, but I really would like to have my OWN bathroom - stink and mess free!!!! Let's just say the "aim" of a 5 year old is less than perfect, and from the smell and the mess, I feel like I'm in a gas station bathroom half the time.
Okay, so there's my Sunday morning card and rant. (I'll spare you my daily rant about the little-little one who still isn't sleeping at night!)
I hope you have a terrific day!

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Jamiecrafts said...

cute cards, as always! sorry your baby isnt sleeping i hope that chages soon. also i can totally relate about the "aim" of any boy, i HATE it!