Wednesday, February 10, 2010

two tiny and 2 cute!

The February stamps are The {Stamps} of Life are ADORABLE (I may have said that a time or two already!) This first card is using the SPECIAL RELEASE set!!! It's called TinyAnd2Cute - and it really IS toooo cute!!! (You can see more examples of this fun set, in the gallery )The sentiments in this set are PERFECTION. Dainty and cute, but really easy to read and the perfect size for a simple little sentiment. The two cards I'm sharing with you are both about half the size of a standard card. I think about 4.5x3.5. It's actually a pretty fun size to work with!

On this card I used the Eggs4Easter set, plus the sentiment from HappyBday2You.
I say it every month, but I love how easy it is to mix and match these sets. It's obvious that Stephanie is really thinking about each set building upon the next. These sets are GREAT for new stampers too, because I have a feeling that by the end of the year, Stephanie really will have covered just about every occasion you need a stamp for!!!!

I am totally loving this color combination right now. I can't seem to stop using it!!!!

Have a wonderful day!! I am off to deal with my fussy over-tired little one. We are SLEEP-TRAINING. . .which means in the meantime, before we get from HERE to THERE, we are getting even LESS sleep than we already were!!! So pardon me if I blabber and speak incoherently!!!! Hugs!

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