Monday, March 15, 2010

a little sand and a little sun

Baby crying. . .must keep this short. (And he REALLY must learn to nap!)
Went to the beach yesterday. Me and the little guy stayed on the balcony, but the big boys had oodles of fun, and i was happy for my mega giant camera lens to capture them!
Did I ever share this card? It's one of my recent faves. Unity Stamps. My Minds Eye paper. Can't go wrong with that combo! K&Co stickers.
Heading to Target to buy flower seeds today. Wearing capris. The sun is shining! Spring must be coming. (Or maybe its already here based upon the pollen covering EVERYTHING.)

Time to pat the baby, shhh the baby, and tell him to go to sleep. And then I'll go do it again in 5 minutes.
Must perfect the 5 minute blog entries.

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