Tuesday, March 2, 2010

too little too late, but still EGGstra cute

So I was feeling inspired by last week's challenge at the CARDS blog, to create a shaped card. I sat there looking at my oval template, and thought. . .hmmm, what can I make. Granted I didn't get it done, and photographed before the challenge was up . . . .but I have been going crazy making oval "egg" shaped cards this week, just in time for Easter!! (I've done three so far, some Eastery and some not!) I am working on a little tutorial, to show you how I put this together, but you'll have to give me a day or so to get it together. I'm sure there's more than one way to do this, and I'm not sure my way was the BEST way, but I'll show you what I did, nonetheless.

I am in LOVE with this Quite Contrary paper from My Mind's Eye. I've never met paper from MME that I didn't adore, so I was THRILLED when this came in my CARDS goodie box a few weeks ago!!!!

Okay, bear with me, and check back tomorrow, and I promise I'll show you how I did this, (or you can go figure it out on your own, and then come back and tell me how YOU did it!)


Linda Beeson said...

Oh is that CUTE! I just love those papers and adore the shape.

Nancy said...

No end to your talent, Missy!