Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My latest obsession. . .

When I am not making cards . .. .
or taking care of my little men . .. .
or doing laundry or dishes. . . .
or blogging. .. .
I am probably scanning the weekly circulars, printing out coupons, and making my grocery list!


How could I not be though? To spent 60 cents on something that normally costs $3. Or to get something for FREE (yes FREE) . . .just because I happen to have a coupon, (or two) to match up with an item that is on sale. It takes some time. It really does - but it is soooo worth it!!!!!
Sometimes, I even MAKE money just for buying something - seriously! It can happen!!!!

And because I am obsessed, I like to share about the amazing deals I find. Since I am still in the honeymoon phase of couponing - I can't really quite believe some of the deals to be scored! I added some of my favorite sites to the sidebar, so be sure to go peruse them!!! Publix is where I do most of my shopping, so if you are somewhere other than Florida, Georgia, South Carolina. . .I am soooo sorry that you are missing out on dear sweet Publix!! (It's the BEST!)

SO - want to hear about my favorite grocery store scores today?
*Kellogg's Fruit Snacks . . .normally 2.95 per box. Buy 1 Get 1 Free this week (BOGO) plus a $1 coupon for each box. (Bless you Publix, for accepting a coupon on an item even if it's "free")
Total for two boxes = 95 cents, which comes to about 48 cents per box!!!!! 10 days of lunchbox treats for my little man is QUITE worth 48 cents!
*I also got Kraft shredded cheese for $1 a bag, thanks to a sale and a coupon. (My freezer is now FULL of cheese!)
*Hamburger Helper and packaged potatoes that were all less than a dollar, to add to our donations for the food bank. LOVE stocking up on super cheap non-perishables for sharing with others!!!!

Now that I have rattled on and on (I promise not to do this every week) watch for me to share my steals and deals next week!!!! Going to the grocery store has become SO much fun when I have some terrific coupons!! Watching my total go down down down as my coupons are scanned is the BEST feeling. Totally worth the work!!!

(And huge THANKS to my in-laws, and my pal Angie who are saving their Sunday coupons for me!!!)

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