Friday, May 21, 2010

that's all she wrote.

not in a blogging mood.
sink FULL of dishes.
baby needs a diaper change.
up early.
last day of school.
want to have a date with hubby this morning, but can't in good conscience, until the kitchen is clean.
wonderful friends coming for dinner.
leaving you with just my card today.
it's a card i LOVE though.
will be back.
sometime soon.
i think.
(card goodies: all from Close To My Heart. Veranda paper, and Grown With Love stamp set.)

1 comment:

Susan aka Mimi said...

Some days are like that. I have a sink full of dirty dishes, a dishwasher full of clean dishes - no baby with a dirty diaper, but I need to clean my bathroom - does that count?

Sometimes stuff piles up and you just have to say - tough! Go do something fun with Eric!!!