Sunday, June 27, 2010

blue skies

i am totally obsessed with this new stamp set from Close To My Heart!!!! love the rainbows, and cloud, and there's a sweet little hot air balloon in this set too. i am loving white cards lately, lots of bright white space and simple simple designs.

this week brings lots of change in our family. the church where my hubby has been serving as pastor for the past two years, is closing. . .after 97 years. today is the last service, and as of right now, we don't have another church to move to. the good news is that this was a part time position, so hubby still has another part time job on staff at a different church. the bad news, we are partially unemployed now! the good news . . ..he'll have a little extra time for our trip to North Carolina coming up. the bad news. . . .ohhh the missing paychecks!!!

but there are blue skies ahead, and although we don't know what the rainbow will be. . .i know there will be one!!!! i hope your skies are bright and sunny today. i think our afternoon will end in the swimming pool, to splash our cares away! XOXO


Kathy Martin said...

Sweet! Colorful! Cheerful! LOVE it! :)

Martha said...

oh i have this one ;)
how cute.