Friday, June 11, 2010

our pretty little church

I was taking some photos of our sweet little church, last weekend, and thought I would share a few with you!!! My hubby is the pastor at this sweet place, filled with lots of dear people (all of which are obsessed with our little boys, since they are just about the only children there!!!)
Right now we are out of town at the big "pastor's meeting" at my little man calls it . . . the yearly conference of pastor's and laypeople who make decisions, vote, and do whatever it is that they do. All I know, is that we get to catch up with sweet friends, eat out, and the boys and I play in the hotel pool and wander around while Eric is in meetings for a few days.

I hope you are ready for a GREAT weekend!!! I'll be back in a few days to share some more cards with you!!!


IrishGirl said...

What beautiful shots of a lovely old church. Thank you for sharing.

Susan aka Mimi said...

What fantastic pictures of the church!!! WOW!

Nancy said...

What they both said!