Saturday, June 19, 2010

summery flowers and sanity

Hello weekend! It is definitely feeling like summer vacation now. We are still trying to find our groove - although the days were quite busy this week, they still seemed to drag on, by afternoon time. I hit that afternoon lull, around 1:30-2:00, and all I want to do is TAKE A NAP, (which generally doesn't coordinate with the boys schedules or moods in allownig me a catnap!) I am trying to establish some sort of routine to our days so that things will run a bit more smoothly. And I'm making some cards in the evenings, but I don't have ANYTHING new to show you. . .darn for you, all these publication calls that want "never before seen" work - throws a damper on all 11 of you that visit my blog. Right? :)

But I do have an Apron Strings card to share with you today. And tomorrow or Monday I will be back with a CPS card too!! Today's card features a bit of Scenic Route and a bit of Jillibean Soup paper. Along with some flowers and twill. This card feels super summery to me. And I left it without a sentiment, so I can just add on whatever I need to(or leave it blank!) when I am ready to use it.

We've had a couple days of swimming lessons now, and Mr. B is finally getting more comfortable putting his head in the water. I feel like we just have to get him in the pool as much as possible now, so we don't lose momentum!!! We lured him underwater yesterday by hunting for coins on the steps. $1.63 seemed to do the trick! Nothing like a good old fashioned BRIBE!!!!

We have lots of changes and LIFE going on in our household right now, and crafty business definitely helps my sanity level. . .. I hope your weekend is terrific, and that you are finding lots of sanity and craftiness in your days! XOXO

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Nancy said...

Those are very fancy flowers! Nice card :)