Wednesday, June 23, 2010

they'll probably kill me, but i don't care.

(me, Angie, Jenn, AM, and Charity)
Girly Girls.
They totally make me happy.
These pictures just make me SMILE!

And this one makes me giggle. . .and I have no idea what we were laughing about, but apparently it was pretty stinkin' funny.

Two of them are scrapbookers and cardmakers and papercrafters and the other two we have tried to turn into those things. (And they really haven't kicked and screamed at all!) But whether we are at the park or pool with our kiddos, or drinking coffee, or playing with paper, we always have the best time!

I love my friends. And they'll be mad that I posted this, and they'll complain about how they look. But I think they look perfect. I couldn't ask for anything greater than these girls. So take that girls, and shove it. ;)



Jamiecrafts said...

love the pics laura, it's good to have good friends! I love the new blog LO by the say, so cute. did u do it ourself?

Nancy said...

Friends are the best! I love the 2nd picture of you laughing along with your beautiful friends. Enjoy them, oh, but wait, you already do :)

Laura said...

jamie, yes i did it myself. i just made a new banner in photoshop. :) glad you like it!