Thursday, July 1, 2010

have a sunny day!! (NEW TSOL!)

It's July! It's July! (Ummm, excuse me where did May and June go?) It's NEW STAMPS day at The Stamps of Life. Summer4Fun is up and posted in the TSOL store! If you purchased Kites2Fly, you MUST get this new set, because the clouds on the kite set are just begging for this new sunshine!!! I LOVE it.
This card is super clean and simple. I told ya, I am loving the white cards right now. I think it's psychological. . .. whenever life is feeling crazy, I like to clean and organize. It helps me feel like I am in control of my wild life - maybe making clean and simple cards has the same affect. Hmmm. . .. pretty deep for a Thursday morning! ;)
Be sure to stop by the TSOL gallery because the cards that are posted there are ADORABLE!!! And we have two super talented new guest designers with us, Tami Mayberry, and Emily Niehaus. Be sure to stop by and see them while you are bopping around!
Have a terrific day!!

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Nancy said...

Here is another card that coordinates so well with your banner! And yay for white space!