Friday, July 30, 2010

a little family fun

I'll have some new cards to share SOON, but in the meantime, I thought I would share a couple of my cuties from our trip to North Carolina. Mr. B spent most of the week stomping in the creek next to my parents' house. We got him some big tall boots and he was happy to dig and move rocks and get soaked. . .every day!
And the little one WANTED to be in the creek, but was unhappily confined to his stroller during most creek stomping events! But he had a wonderful time crawling all over a new location, finding bits of this and that to put in his mouth along the way!
And here is a little digi project I did this week . . .a party invite for Little T, who turns ONE next week. The stars are from The Stamps of Life digi set from June. I don't do much digi work, but it was fun making this invite! I printed it out 4x6 and it looks pretty darn cute!

The almost-one year old is wanting something to eat, and crying at my lap. . .. and the 5 year old wants me to read to him. I better go get this day started! Have a good one!


scrappingnana said...

Really cute pictures of your boys. Happy Birthday to Tanner.

Lynn said...

Laura: Love the pics of the boys. They are getting so big and cuter by the day. I really like the invite you did. Cute.

Nancy said...

I miss you guys so much!

Sue said...

Cute invite! I told your mom the other day I can't believe Tanner's gonna be one already!

I would have loved to have been playing in the creek with Bryce!