Monday, August 16, 2010

What's your deal?

Another card with the Birthday4Cookie set at The {Stamps} of Life! I paper-pieced sweet little Cookie, and the party hat too. I am happy with this card, which is shocking because purple is one of my LEAST favorite colors to play with!! It just never works. But I think I'm okay with it on this card, because of the BRIGHT pink. I just seem to work better with BRIGHT colors. It's my deal. White space, and BRIGHT BOLD colors.

What's YOUR deal? All you lurkers who never have anything to say. . .spill it! Is there something you always turn to? Or something that never works for you? I would love to know what it is!!!

Hubby and the big boy are on their way to Orlando this morning, with some assorted family members for a day at Universal Studios. So the baby-man and I are going to knock off as much as we can on the to-do list. Getting supplies for sugar cookies, birthday cake, and back-to-school. Yesterday we found out who B's Kindergarten teacher is, and I have heard GREAT things about her, and I am feeling MUCH better about him starting school, than I thought I would be!!! (Ask me next Monday morning, and I will be boo-hooing it up, but today, I feel good!)

Okay. . .back on task. back on task. I am always in a hurry when I'm here chatting with you all!!! I feel like a spinning top most days, spinning from one crisis or To-Do to the next!
Happy Monday!!!


scrappingnana said...

What an adorable card. Good luck with your little one starting kindergarten.

Carrie said...

I will have to think about what I always turn to but first a question. What did you use to frame Cookie in the white and pink frame? Was it a spellbinders template and if so which one?
Cute card as always!