Friday, September 3, 2010

oh, the crafty goodness!!!

Two bits of good news today. . .

First - I got a card picked up for Paper Crafts "Stamp It! Techniques" issue, and it's one of my all-time favorite cards! So excited! :)

Second piece of good news - super week of couponing and grocery/household shopping. (Just don't ask what's for dinner this week!) I spent 38.79, and saved 69.28! I got laundry detergent for $1.45, and Kraft cheese for less than a dollar. Swiffer refills for my WetJet for around $2 a piece, YoPlus yogurt for 25 cents per four pack!!! (WOOOHOOOO!)

I have been surfing the web a bit too much lately, but it's my guilty pleasure while nursing the wee one. . .blog hopping, and Facebooking (funny how we have all turned "Facebooking" into a real word, isn't it?) Anyway, it's usually how I spend my time while he eats. Or and then there's Words With Friends. Love that too! (I am thinking I have a few too many guilty pleasures!)

BUT, in order to enable all of you, and share the AMAZING talent, and goodness out there, I'd like to share my new favorite links . . ..

I'll share the newest one first. Poppies At Play (thank you Nancy for sharing this!) Projects, ideas, home decor and just GORGEOUS stuff. Somewhere there was a wall of plates. And I love it. I want one. (Well, I have a wall . ..but I want it to be filled with assorted plates.)

Eighteen25 - a whole month of cute Halloween ideas. . some great free printables, and crafty goodness! (I made this cute fortune cookie project for Bryce's teacher, and it was a hit!)

HowDoesShe - party ideas, household ideas, holidays, organization. . . alll, everything that i LOVE.

Living Locurto - This chick is fabulous! Do you know about I Heart Faces? (If not, then go there too!) Amy Locurto is one of the co-founders of I Heart Faces. She has great ideas for families, crafty cuteness, and lots of printables.

Most of these websites also have links to OTHER fabulous, talented, and completely inspiring blogs - you will be lost for hours. (But it's oh-so-fun, isn't it?!)


Jen said...

Thank you for the fun links! If only there was more time in a day.... I really don't have the time to spend hours online blog/site hopping. But the wonderfully creative things people come up with and share are so much fun!!
at least you have a nursing baby to blame... my baby is in Kindergarten. LOL

Sue said...

Congrats on getting the card picked up! i'll be on the lookout for that issue.

Taylor said...

Yay for getting published!!! And those are cool links!

Ladybug said...

Amy @ Living Locurto is just as awesome in person as she is on her blog!