Thursday, September 23, 2010

spotty dotty

hello, hello!!!!! how CUTE is this googly-eyed little monster friend of mine? please pardon the slightly distracting polka-dotty wonderful background. i was photographing something else prior to this, and i just couldn't get enough of the polka-dots. So here they are. Have I told you how I am totally obsessed with polka-dots? And with black and white? My mother in law got me these polka dot placemats (yes, my backdrop is a placemat. so there.) because they reminded her of me. Because I LOVE black and white polka dots.

And that's just the way it is.

I'm feeling chatty tonight. Perhaps it's the impending pumpkin spice latte that I will be indulging in, with a friend tomorrow morning. Or perhaps it's the polka-dots. Or perhaps its my sweet sweet friend, Karisse's blog, and the cute cute necklace I just bought from her Etsy store. (You should go visit her. She is amazing, and wonderful, and talented, and has the biggest heart ever. Oh - and she's adorable too.)

So I've got some new stuff cookin'. And I'm excited about it! And I'm waiting for some new fun stuff to arrive in the mail (aside from my wonderful new necklace from Karisse!) And I delivered four boxes of patterned paper and card stock to Mr. B's teacher today, purged from my closet . . . .so I feel lighter and less cluttered. When I have less clutter, I can think more clearly, and feel more relaxed. It's like my brain is less cluttered. Which is probably why I clean like a madwoman when I am stressed out or feeling overwhelmed!

Okay. Are you still reading my chattiness? I'm done. I have GOT to go to bed - I must be fresh and perky for my first pumpkin spice latte of the season!!!! (I usually wait until October 1st to do all things FALL . . .but I was convinced to move this particular tradition up a week.)

(edt: the stamp is from THIS set, by CTMH, called Be Yourself . . .it's one of my favorites!)


denise said...

love the card.... have the stuff... but not the sentiments... what sentiment is that? This card just made me smile! Well done.

Laura said...

Denise - I just added the link, at the end of my post! The stamp is from the Be Yourself set. :)

denise said...

thanks... I total skipped looking at that set!

Nancy said...

I wanna be you instead of myself because you are so stinkin' cleaver and creative! Love this card!

Lori said...

Love that sentiment with the design of the card! Clever and adorable!!!

Catherine Pooler said...

Love this little monstor, how fun!