Sunday, October 10, 2010

cake, cards, and coupons. . .oh my!

Three of my favorite things. . .cards, coupons, and cake!

The card:
This card is for the CPS sketch this week. #188, which is sponsored by In Style Stamps. They sent me this ADORABLE stamp, called Framed Bird. I paper-pieced it, and I just LOVE this image. Love the colors (my go-to, most favorite color combo) and I love the buttons on the trees. I don't totally love the whole card, but the stamped image, I LOVE!

The cake:
This is a cake I made last weekend. Eric's mom asked me to make a cake for a bridal shower she was having. It was a 12 inch, 2 layer cake, with my favorite buttercream frosting. (Except I add lots of extra almond extract, and some meringue powder!)I tinted it very light blue, and added the swirlies and trim in white buttercream. I was a little stressed about this cake, not wanting to screw it up, but thankfully it turned out pretty good. The most difficult part was figuring out how to contain it and transport it! I don't have a cake-carrier big enough!

The coupons:
We are camping out at home this weekend, with the big kid who recovered from last week's illness, and the little kid who caught the illness. Some sort of croupy, coughing, crummy bug. It stinks, the poor baby. Yesterday I managed to get to the grocery though, and I did SOO WELL! I think it might have been one of my best couponing trips EVER. I spent $25 for $53 of groceries, which included over 3 pounds of ground beef, some veggies, and even my cinnamon broom. (You know, all things that are NOT super cheap) But the BEST score. . . SIX bottles of Martha Stewart cleaning products for FREE. I am not kidding. Between the coupons and the sale, they were FREE. All SIX of them. Did I mention, SIX FREE BOTTLES? (And normally they are $3.99 each! HELLLO!?) It was seriously rockin' my coupon world. I also got two cartons of chicken broth, 4 canisters of bread crumbs, 2 bottles of salad dressing, and 2 boxes of pasta. For $25. Hello!!!!!! LOVE. IT.

Okay. Now I must get back to the croupy kid, the kid playing football on the iPad, and the house which seems to be getting messier as every minute goes by. Have a GREAT Sunday!!!


Julie Campbell said...

Very cool! I'm really getting into couponing too! :) Where do you find Martha cleaning supplies?

Laura said...

They carry them at Publix. I don't know where else they might be.

scrappingnana said...

Cute card and your cake is gorgeous. You did a great job.

Colleen said...

What an adorable card. And the cake is absolutely gorgeous! I can't even begin to imagine how you did all the wonderful swirls.
We can't use coupons on sale items here... I think.

Melissa said...

Cute card - I found you on two peas and now I'm a follower - I would love for you to check out my blog: