Wednesday, October 20, 2010

completely random

Having a random sort of day today. . . and here is a blog post to coordinate.

First, the card - all Close To My Heart goodies, including the circle card. I feel a little challenged by the circle shape. But I am fairly happy with this card (although the photo sort of stinks. Sorry about that!)

Made this for dinner last night:
Chicken Marsala Yummy!!!

Desperately trying to clean my kitchen. Funny how I have been desperately trying to clean my kitchen every day for at LEAST the past week. Funny how every time I get half way done, it's time to cook again, or some wild child runs through leaving a path of destruction behind him. I should be cleaning right now. But as I clean, I also have to remove half the items from my cabinets, because SOMEONE, who shall remain nameless, REALLY likes to pull all the Ziplock bags from the boxes, and REALLY likes to fill the colanders with trucks and magnets. And REALLY likes to spread the PlayDoh toys (minus the PlayDoh) all over the floor, for me to step on. So it's sort of a losing battle.

But onward I must march.
In pursuit of the unattainable goal. . ..
a clean kitchen. Actually, just a NEAT kitchen. Clean would be a bonus.


Julie Campbell said...

Oooh how I feel your pain! :) I'm just sitting here eating lunch... debating on what to tackle first - knowing that even IF I get it cleaned up, by tomorrow, no one will even be able to tell. :) Good luck! Here's to a neat AND clean kitchen for both of us! :)

Laura said...

good luck miss julie! i strapped my kiddo into a high chair, and that helped. and i talked on the phone with my mom, all the way through the dish-washing. and that helped too! so I'm GETTING THERE.

Sue said...

It will be clean. When they're grown and gone. Clean houses are so overrated anyway!