Monday, October 18, 2010

i scream, you scream, we all scream for. . .CANDY CORN!

Oh sweet, sweet season of candy corn.
My husband says I am like one of the only people who really LIKES candy corn.
I think he's crazy.

So, in honor of my love of the yummy autumn treat (which by the way, I have YET to indulge in, this season) a candy corn card. Totally calorie free.

First, I created a template on scrap paper. I folded it in half, so both sides would be symmetrical, and I just started trimming and checking, and trimming some more, until it was just how I wanted it. (Or good enough anyway!) I left the top a little wider than I would normally, so that there would be enough of a fold.

Then I just traced it onto a folded card-sized piece of Simply Smooth white cardstock (from Discount Cardstock, of course!) Then I used my same template, and cut a piece of Intense Yellow Prismatic, and Classic Orange Prismatic, and glued it right onto my card front.

To finish it off, I added some gingham ribbon. (From Close To My Heart)
Gingham ribbon almost always seems to be the perfect finishing touch!! :)


Sue said...

That is too cute!

I too love candy corn. But only about half of the bag and then I'm over it for another year! I've yet to get my fix this year either.

Blessed Ladybug said...

very nice i love the color and candy corn are my favorite.....

Lynn said...

I love candy corn!!! It certainly wouldn't be Halloween without it. Plus the bright colors shout happiness, don't you agree?