Monday, November 8, 2010

wishing you a sparkling holiday!

Okay, so in other news. . . . PATTERNED PAPER. At Discount Cardstock. BoBunny. How cool is that? Midnight Frost, Crush, and Crazy Love. 6x6 pads. Yes, 6x6. I LOVE 6x6 pads of patterned paper! And they are even on SALE. Do go check it out!!!

And now, an update on my baking endeavors this weekend. First of all, the cranberry drying. . .it worked. I think. I haven't tasted them yet, but they look . . .dried. If you follow the instructions on the link I shared, I'll warn you - it took about three times as long as they said it would. I dunno.

And the cheesecake. . . .oh my GOODNESS, I am SO pleased to report, it turned out AWESOME!!!! The graham cracker crust stuck to the bottom of the pan a bit. But other than that, it was amazing. It is seriously yummy. And all I did, was follow THIS recipe. I'm kind of excited to try some other varieties of cheesecake now. I'll just have to find lots of friends to share the calories with!!!!

We are going on a quick trip to visit my parents in a few days, to celebrate three birthdays, plus an early Thanksgiving, all smooshed into a two day visit. It should be fun, minus the fact that Tanner has decided once again that the sleeping thing is highly over-rated. And don't get my started on the time change. The LAST thing I needed was ANOTHER hour to listen to screaming in the middle of the night. And now both boys have been up for the day, during the 5:00 hour, this weekend. That is SUPER UNCOOL.

Which is why, I am off to get breakfast started. . . .along with the COFFEE.
Have a terrific day, and a terrific week!


Sue said...

Love my "Torn Paper" border punch by EK Success that I found at Michael's. It's great on masculine things.

Happy early Thanksgiving at your moms!

Nancy said...

I love these white cards that you have been making