Wednesday, December 22, 2010

unity cuties and yummy treats!

Well well, look at me. . . .here twice in one week already! Impressive, I know! Other than wrapping and cleaning, I am finally starting to feel like things are settling down, and although we have things to do, I am ready to peacefully enjoy Christmas (well, peaceful is a relative term with little kids in the house!)

I was decluttering my computer folders, and weeding out some card images, and found these two that I never shared!! Family members will be getting both of these cards under the Christmas tree this year, so I figure it's a fine time to go ahead and share them! They both feature stamps from Unity Stamp Co. Yesterday Unity announced that they will be retiring all their kits of the month, from 2008 . . .. better go grab one quick if you've been thinking about it! You can find the "Soon to be retiring" list HERE!

Yesterday I made a batch of chocolate biscotti, also for Christmas gifts. And it turned out pretty good - I will be making more today!!! I was afraid to make too much, the first time, in case it didn't turn out. But it DID turn out - and half of it is gone, because we keep munching on it! So I better make a LOT today!!! The biscotti recipe came from here, at, where I also got a FABULOUS fruit cobbler recipe. I make it ALL THE TIME. (Here's the cobbler recipe)

I also helped my sweet friend, and mama-to-be-anyday, Sara, make Oreo truffles the other day - oh my GOODNESS. She got mint Oreos for them, and they were SO YUMMY. It's a darn good thing she didn't leave the whole tray here - because they would now be GONE. ;) Dangerous things, those little truffles!!! There are a lot of recipes out there for them . . .find which one you like the best!

Have a terrific day!

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Basement Stamper said...

beautiful cards, I absolutely love the image on that first one. Love the pictures of you & family in the snow, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!