Thursday, January 28, 2010

someone else's goodies

It's always fun and inspiring to play with someone else's stash . . .and that is exactly what I got to do while I was at home visiting my parents. I raided my mom's Close To My Heart stash, her circle and scalloped punches of every size, and made this cute little ditty. (Thanks Mama!!!!)
I added the ribbon when I got home . . .but everything else is from Close To My Heart. (You can order yourself some goods right HERE - tee hee hee!)

After sitting in my mom's ROOM full of space to work, and space to store her stash, I feel a little claustrophobic in my little work area and my desk. But I'll keep reminding myself that I used to work at the kitchen table, and pull everything out each time I wanted to create. It doesn't matter WHERE we create, . . .what matters is that we DO.

Have a GREAT day!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

cuppa joe

I just realized i never posted this, from a few weeks ago. Gina K Designs was our wonderful sponsor, and I chose this cute coffee stamp set, that I'd had my eye on for quite some time! I used a bunch of brads to do the stripe across. . .sort of tricky to get them lined up, and I had to let go of my perfectionism and give up on them being . .. perfect.

We are home sweet home, after a few days at my parents' house. Trying to regroup and get some stuff done around the house. Serving breakfast for dinner tonight, because I can't quite motivate myself to get to the store today! Pancakes and scrambled eggs are in our future!! (Yum! Can't say as I'm complaining!!!)

You'd think that since the big kid is watching a short movie for "quiet time" (also known as that-which-used-to-be-a-nap) and the little one actually IS taking a nap . . .perhaps I should knock some stuff off my to-do list.

Have a terrific day!!!! I promise in a few days I will have a bunch of new work to share!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

cps 151 and a little of this and that

- CPS #151 is up today! Loved this sketch, love the card I made. (The trees are popped up on foam tape, which is sort of hard to tell.) Used some much loved Unity stamps on this, and cardstock from Prism, which is sooo nice!!

-called my hubby and told him i am never driving home from my parents' house, because i would rather poke my eye out, than get back in the car for 6 (or 7 1/2) hours with the two kids again.)

-having a wonderful time with my parents. despite the littlest boy having his first cold, the boys are having a terrific time too . . .cookies in the oven at this particular moment, and a biggest boy who's been in his bathing suit most of the past three days.

-trying to work on some cards to share in the next few weeks... new goodies from Apron Strings, and The Stamps of Life -looking forward to sharing some work with you soon!

-seems like everyone is at CHA as i type this post. . ..but if you aren't, and you are actually here to read about what I'm up to - HELLO!! and thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

is it too late?

is it too late for christmas????
this is a card i did for CPS this week, using sweet goodies from October Afternoon. they are sponsoring our prize this week, so go check out the sketch, and link up your card to the CPS blog, for a chance to WIN!!!

so its only taken me THREE DAYS to try and get this post done. Why? I have NO idea. (Other than a baby always on my lap, a five year old who always wants to be on the computer if I'M on the computer (he's obsessed with Restaurant City on Facebook. . .how bad is that!?)
tomorrow I am packing up the two little boys and driving for six hours to visit my parents. (fun fun!)
leaving the hubby at home to bachelor it up.
I think there are plans in the works for Poker Night.
(and I'm leaving him with a pot of chili, steaks in the freezer, and a bag of Tostitos. . .so I think he'll be okay.)
Looking forward to getting LOTS of stampy goodness accomplished while I am away. (I hope!)

Friday, January 15, 2010

the littlest one

just a quick picture of my littlest one, to share today.
it's hard to believe he's four months old! sitting up practically on his own, drooling on everything, chewing on everything, giggling, super ticklish, rolling on his tummy.. . .and not sleeping.
but that's okay - with that face, he can do whatever he wants.
he has me wrapped around his finger!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

just because

A card, just to make a card. .. .when was the last time I did that? It's not for a design team, or an assignment, or for a pub call. . . .it's just a card, because I was playing and I made a card. Such fun!

So my random rant for today is about workout videos. . .anyone got suggestions for some good ones? I got a few from Netflix to try. Yesterday I determined that I am pretty much incapable of crazy cardio-dance moves. I've never met a dance-style workout video that I could actually DO. I am just not quick or coordinated enough!!! Thank goodness the only person watching me make a total fool of myself is four-months-old. (And at one point I was trying to HOLD him while working out . . .at least it burned extra calories I bet!!!) So if you have any great suggestions, let me know!!!! And thanks for all the sweet comments on my last card - funny, I wasn't sure I liked that card or not. Sometimes I get more comments on the things I almost don't even post, than I do on my most favorite cards! Go figure!!! Thanks for chattin' with me though! :) Have a great day!!! XOXO

card goodies: Couture Cardstock, Making Memories lined paper (from the Passport collection), Unity Stamps, and CTMH cute metal thingie, ribbon recycled from.. . .somewhere!)

Monday, January 11, 2010

how are you?

Another card with the NEW Special Release stamps from The Stamps of Life. I also used some NEW cute patterned paper from Close To My Heart, right out of the new catalog!

So I'm out to shop for carseats today. Booster seats to be exact, as we do the old switcharoo of upgrading Bryce to a new booster seat, so that we can convert his current one back into a carseat for the little one. (who has suddenly outgrown his infant carrier!)

As I have typed this, I have flipped the little one back over from his tummy about 15 times. . .why is it that he LOVES rolling over so much, even though he hates it once he gets there!? If he doesn't figure out soon how to get himself back over to his back, I might lose my mind!!!

Okay, as you can see, I have very little of interest to chat about - so I will leave you with my baby stories and card. Have a WONDERFUL week!! Stay warm, wherever you are!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

hello hello!

I created these cards while I was in North Carolina this past week, and it makes me happy to see these photos, because I can just see North Carolina in the background :) tee hee!
The {Stamps} of Life has a couple of super-cute extra stamp sets, above and beyond the monthly sets - and these two cards use two of those sets. The hello card is using a super useful and cute set with BIG sentiments, like "hello", "hi", "call me", and "whats up" . .. such fun for cards! And the other is an ALPHABET set - I am pretty sure this is Stephanie Barnard's own handwriting. . .and it is ADORABLE!!! Head on over to The {Stamps} of Life to get all the details, and check out the gallery for lots of inspiration!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A sparkly challenge!

The DT girls at The {Stamps} of Life decided to throw out a challenge to each other.
Please feel free to play along with us!

Our challenge was to create a card featuring GLITTER AND SHINE! I used glittery cardstock from Doodlebug, and coated my cupcake with Stickles AND yellow Doodlebug glitter! (And yes, my desk is covered in glitter, and it is stuck to everything I have touched in the past 24 hours . .. including a sparkly four-month-old!)

I am trying to create more cards that are FLAT so that they don't cost extra postage to mail. . .(so I am sorry to whoever gets this card one day, I'll probably pull the rhinestone off!!) Instead of using brads or jewels along the side, I punched a circle out of each purple strip to create dots - flat, free, and easy! :)

We would love for you to join in our challenge, and create something sparkly, shiny, or glittery! If you are playing along with The {Stamps} of Life stamps or digital images please upload to the gallery on the site HERE with the keyword TSOLD01. Hint, hint.... we look through the gallery regularly for new guest designers. Oh! Did I mention that there are a couple freebie digital images on the site?! You can find them HERE.

Please link to one of our blogs so we can see your stuff!

Our DT players:
Jeanne Streiff
Deb Felts
Vicki Garrett
Joana Studer

Have a great day!! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

CPS kickin it old school!

Last week for the final week of the year, we chose a previous CPS sketch to create from. . .this was what I chose! CPS sketch #20, and I used the December stamp set from The STamps of Life! I also used SEI patterned papers that I have had hanging around - not a normal color combo for me, but i LOVE it!!! :)
I sent the big-little man back to school today, so I am hoping to get unpacked from our vaca, do laundry, and get CAUGHT UP. I hope you have a great week, and a fresh start in this new year!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

hello? is this thing on?

Oh MY! It's been a while! The past two weeks have been a BLUR. Christmas is enough chaos in itself, along with a trip to the mountains. . . .but add in the death of a grandfather, and another grandfather in the hospital, and family plans that changed, then changed again - its been CRAZY. New Years Eve came and went, with me asleep at 9:30pm. (I think it was 5:00 in the evening before I even REALIZED it was New Years Eve . . .pretty pitiful!!!)
But now we are home, trying to regroup, and look ahead to 2010, hoping for some calm and peace.
January also brings a new stamp set from The {Stamps} of Life, a birthday set this month! (Remember how I was guest designing with them? Well Stephanie asked me to stay! Hooray!!!) I used My Mind's Eye patterned paper on this card, and I fought the urge to add bling and ribbon. I am trying to make some cute cards that DON'T require extra postage!!!!! As if 44 cents to mail a card isn't enough. . .extra postage for ribbon, bling, and foam tape makes me crazy!

So, hopefully I'm back on the blogging train now, trying to get back in the routine of real life, cleaning up the Christmas chaos that was left behind as we headed out on vacation, playing serious CATCH-UP, and looking forward to a NEW YEAR.

Happy New Year to each of you!!!!