Thursday, January 27, 2011

technological withdrawl

Well, it isn't REALLY withdrawl, because I still have my iPod at my side all day long . . . but dang, it stinks not having a computer! Hubby is letting me use his laptop when he doesn't need it, but he's a Mac. And I'm a PC. ;) And using a Mac (although i like it) is like trying to communicate in a foreign language. And that = FRUSTRATING. I have been trying to edit photos for a bunch of projects and duedates, and I am LOSING MY EVER-LOVING MIND. I can't even figure out how to resize the dang things! So frustrating. Frustrating. Frustrating!

At any rate, here i am, popping in just for a minute, to say HEY! and to share a card today. You are getting a sneak peek of what will be on my mom's Close To My Heart blog next week. (Because that's what I can find, and that's the file that's opened on this dang Mac. Don't ask me where all my other pictures are, because Lord only knows!)

I used BRAND SPANKIN NEW stamps from the new catalog on this card. The stamp set is called Paper Lanterns, and yes. .. . it's one of my new faves! This is also my CPS card for this week, sketch 202. . .or maybe it's 203. . .see, not having a computer is making me feel like I've lost part of my brain. :)

At any rate, the screaming child at my feet wishes I was NOT blogging right now. Dinner plans, and Girls Night Out plans must be made, and then I must get these kiddos bathed and in bed so I can HIT THE ROAD and go out with my girls. Starbucks, I need you. (I really need you NOW, but I will try to wait until 7:30pm!)

I'll be back when I can, and hopefully each day I'll be more Mac-literate, because I have a feeling that the dead Dell is going to be replaced with a Mac in the near future!


Colleen said...

I'm glad you got the MAC to work as much as it did. Love this card. Clean and simple but full of colour and life.

Sue said...

I LOVE what you did with this stamp set. I'll be CASEing it soon!