Friday, February 18, 2011

kickin' it old school.

I was cleaning out some of my crafty stuff the other day, (it seems like I'm ALWAYS doing that!) and I was purging some published cards, from long ago. I came across a few of my very first cards that were published. It was funny looking back at some of them. I had to keep them, of course, because they are totally sentimental!!!! I thought I'd share a few with you today!

This was my very first card published. It was in the November issue of CARDS. . .2007. I borrowed October Afternoon stamps from my dear friend Angie (she's my favorite and my best, when it comes to begging, borrowing, and stealing supplies). This was wayyy back when, I think before OA even had paper. I have been obsessed with them, from the very very begining! I used CTMH ribbon, and cardstock. I still love this card. Sometimes when you look back at cards, they look so dated and not quite as cute as they once seemed. But I still really like this one.
This was my very first layout ever published. I did an assignment for Simple Scrapbooks magazine - it was in the very last issue (sniff sniff!) This, and one other layout that I did. It is super cool seeing my cards published, but even MORE exciting to see my pictures, and my family, and ME on a magazine page!!! It was a fabulous experience!!! (This is the only time I've had my scrapbooking published. .. maybe because I don't really scrapbook anymore! ha ha!)
I think this was the second published card. It was in CARDS, March 2008, I think. This one looks a little more dated to me! But I love that it was picked up, because I sat down specifically to create some St. Patrick's Day cards, because there was a call out for them. I thought to myself, "St. Patrick's Day. . .that just might be obscure enough that I have a decent chance!" And I guess I did!

Thanks for wandering down memory lane with me!!!! It was fun! I hope you have a terrific weekend! We are hoping to head to the park, and take advantage of the spring-like weather!


Carol Hartery said...

Hi Laura!
Just want to tell you that I love today's cards. I am most excited about the St. Pat's Day one because my sister has asked me to make a few cards for her...
Don't you just hate it when no one leaves you a comment on your blog. Sometimes I want to "tap the microphone" and say "Is this thing on?" Many of my friends follow my blog and e-mail me personally, but that doesn't help get a dialog going...

Thanks for your ideas. Tonight I am going to try to turn your hearts from SEI into eggs!

Linda said...

Laura-Just wanted to let you know that I think both cards have withstood the test of time cause I think they are great! TFS!

Carol Hartery said...

Hi Laura!
It's Carol again. I didn't make an egg with the hearts, but I made a shamrock. I can take a photo when the light is better during the daytime. I connected 3 hearts together and reversed the 4th strip in the center heart so that it was a stem. Came out cute! Thanks for the heart tutorial! Carol

Latisha said...

Aww, look at that layout, and in the last issue of Simple too...I have that issue (shame they are no longer). I don't think your last card looks dated at all.

Sue said...

I *think* I may still have some of that Chocolate and Hollyhock ribbon in my hoarders stash!

All three of your examples have stood the test of time. I bet they'd still be published today.

Kathy Martin said...

So funny to see what we did years ago! And the techniques we used!

Nancy said...

These stand the test of time for sure! I think that is an important elements of design: do they hold up? In your case, they do. Let's just hope we all stand up to that test!
Love you!