Thursday, March 10, 2011

What? No card?!

It's rare that I'm here without a card (or a cake) to share, but today I have something totally different to ramble on about!  CLEANING!!! (And if you know me in real life, you know I LOVE to clean! (Well, not always the day to day cleaning, but I love to do WEIRD cleaning, like baseboards, and grout.)
And I also love FREE STUFF.  Oh - and I love to SHARE too.  So are you ready to hear about CLEAN laundry, FREE stuff, and something for YOU?!

I recently became part of a group called the Purex Insiders.  And they send me FREE STUFF!!!! (And it rocks!)  I've used a LOT of Purex laundry detergent in my life, and they have some cool new products that I have been able to try out.  The first is the Purex Crystals Softener.  They are crystals, and you just throw them right in the washing machine, along with your detergent.

And oh my gosh - for WEEKS, my clothes have stayed smelling fresh and wonderful!!!!  You can read all about Purex Crystals HERE  and you can also find a link to a COUPON!!! (Run, my coupon mamas, RUN!)

And today, I got something else new in the mail from Purex.  Purex Complete With Zout.  Have you ever used Zout? It's like Shout,  . . . but in my humble opinion, way better! It was the only thing I could pretreat with to get all of Bryce's messy baby stains out with.  And now, Purex and Zout have joined forces - pretreater, and detergent ALL IN ONE.  We can save ourselves a step! Sweet!!!  I haven't tried this yet, but I will, on my next load of laundry!  And because Purex rocks, they are generously sharing TWO coupons with me, to share with YOU!!!!

 Leave a comment on this post, and tell me something interesting about you and laundry. . . .like, what your favorite laundry detergent is, or how often you do laundry.  And I will draw TWO winners, on Monday, for a free bottle of Purex Complete with Zout!  (And it's not like I have a million blog readers, so you should have a pretty good chance! And who can't use FREE detergent!?)  


Aparna said...

hi! I'm a fellow floridian, and I seem to be doing laundry every 3 days because its so hot and sticky all the time!!

DeeDee said...

Hi Laura! Actually I just HAD to buy a new set up front loading machines. So, I do laundry more often now so I can 'play' with my new toys! Heehee! Thanks for the links and thanks for the chance to win!

HUGS! :)

P.S. I missed not seeing one of your sweet cards! You should make one about laundry...heehee!

Sarah Sowers said...

HI Laura! I would love free detergent! I use spray and wash on the girls clothes now and it works great. I was using the OxiClean spray and it worked well I thought too. I'll have to try Zout! and Purex Crystals.
Talk to you later.

Sue said...

Laundry is the bane of my existance!

I do not have a problem putting it in the washer or dryer. (BIG gulp of air) My problem is folding, hanging and putting away! Before I married, I had 2 baskets. One was clean and one was dirty. Anything that needed to be hung, was hung on the chair that held the "clean" basket! Foolproof!

Anonymous said...

We seem to have given our next door neighbor the impression that we do laundry 24/7. Our dryer vent points her direction and one summer when she was spending alot of time gardening she pointed out that our dryer was going all the time. I don't think we do that much but I am a bit of a clean freak! With 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 8 yr old, my mother living with us, and my brother and neice here visiting all summer it probably is running most of the time.

diana said...

I follow your blog from Canada. I've used Purex but hadn't heard of Zout. I'm commenting to help increase your numbers as asked! lol

Cindylu2u said...

Hey Laura I could use some Zout, will try anything to get the hubby's clothes clean. He's an Ironworker but looks like a grease monkey when he comes home. I've tried everything, so now he has dirty looking work clothes and the non work clothes, help!! Thanks

Elaine said...

I love doing laundry, yes, strange as it seems. Wash, dry and immediately put it away. Now, ironing, another matter!!!!

Jamiecrafts said...

ha ha Elaine, I'm with you on most of your statement, I'll gladly do the laundry and get it put away, I cant say that I love it though but I'm happy when its done. I only wash 1 day a week unless someone wets the bed. Ironing IS a different story we wont go there tee hee!

Tracy said...

Oh my! there are not enough hours in the day to only wash laundry one day a week here. I do at least 2 loads a day (white and dark. I attempt to fold them too, but the putting away part...I really don't know why we have closets and bureaus we should just live out of laundry baskets, although the master bedroom is being overtaken by them as it is the "staging area". I hate laundry, but I love clean clothes, so I guess the laundry wins.

avidreader said...

I've never heard of Zout...I just got the new front-load washer and dryer and now LOVE doing my laundry!