Thursday, April 7, 2011

happy birthday to. . . .

Happy Birthday toooo. . . .about twelve people I know.  I'm telling ya, the first two weeks of April (the entire month of April actually) there are SO many birthdays in my family and circle of friends!

I'd like you to meet one very special birthday girly girl, whose birthday happens to be TODAY!  She is my sweetie pie, Karisse.  We met right before she came to Flagler College.  I was a sophomore when she was a freshman, and we were instantly connected - one of those friends that you meet for the first time, but it's like you've known her all your life.  I've probably mentioned her here a time or two, as she is incredibly creative and artsy, and has an incredibly amazing story to tell.  The past ten years of her life since she graduated from college have been filled with more challenges and mountains to climb, than many endure through their entire life.  You can read about her battles with cancer HERE  and check out all her random and interesting thoughts, deep thoughts, and fun photos (she is quite a talented photographer!) at Karisse's blog, Musings.  (She is currently on crazy pain medication from her latest surgery. . .so her blog posts are quite entertaining!)  Karisse has an amazing job too . . .she has dedicated much of her life to raising awareness and finding an end to human trafficking. (In between surgeries and cancer treatments, which seem to come far too often!)  Please go visit her blog, and wish her a happy birthday!  You'll be inspired, perhaps challenged, and entertained! I promise!

(Oh, and the card - all the goodies are CTMH.  You can read more of the details about it, on my mom's blog!)


scrappingnana said...

Lovely card. Love the colors.

Karisse said...

SMACKS! Xoxo! Love ya lady! :)