Monday, April 4, 2011

the paper towel experiment. . .and a pink card

First things first - Apron Strings April kit . . . . this is the first of my cards created with the kit that I'd like to share with you today! I created EIGHT cards with the kit, and I still have a bunch of paper and embellishments left.  Lots of cute stickers in this kit too!  Definitely go check out Apron Strings, if you are looking for a card kit with bright fun colors!

Second of all . . .a few weeks ago, probably about two weeks ago - we ran out of paper towels on the paper towel dispenser.  There were more upstairs, but I just hadn't gotten up there to get them.  And hubby and I have been talking a lot about ways to simplify, cut back, and be a little more earth-friendly.  So I thought I'd see how long we could make a roll of paper towels last. But guess what? I didn't replace the paper towels.  And then I thought I'd see how long I could last without the paper towels at all.
And guess what?
It's really not that bad.
I got a package of white wash cloths, for about $6 at Ross.
I put them in a pretty little basket on the counter.
I do a load of laundry every day anyway, so I'm not adding any more laundry, and it has gone much better than I anticipated.
Granted there have been a FEW times that I wished I had a paper towel.  But in the end, the towels or a kitchen sponge did the job just fine.
I thought that wiping the toddler face was going to be the biggest drag.  Who wants a damp towel covered in oatmeal and yogurt, hanging around all afternoon on the side of the sink?  But it really hasn't been bad.
So - anyone up for the challenge?  See how long you can make that roll of paper towels last.
Or just ditch them altogether.
And tell me all about it, because I really want to know!!!
(And doesn't it figure, we had just bought a Costco sized package of paper towels before we decided to ditch them!? So now, I have a bathroom cabinet FULL of paper towel rolls!!!)


Sue said...

Because we have only adults in our house, it takes us for.ever to go thru a roll! Mine get used mostly to clean up cat barf. (sorry, TMI!) So I can't really live my life without them!

Pretty and colorful card, btw! ;)

Nancy said...

Next try cloth napkins! It is the same deal: put a basket of cloth napkins (okay, I made all mine) on your table and there you go. Wash them after each use and when your kids are older, or maybe even now, leave them at their place at the table and use until they need to be washed.

Laura said...

That IS what we plan to do next. I haven't found any that I like though. Maybe someone I know could make me some cloth napkins!!! I never thought about THAT! Then I would DEFINITELY love them! :) Nancy, do you remember all those cloth napkins from the Airport Inn? My parents had (have) a big basket of all sorts of mismatched (but somehow coordinating) napkins. I used to make Barbie togas out of them when I was little :) LOVE them! Especially because now they are all soft and perfectly worn in.