Friday, May 27, 2011

happy owl duo

5:30 am.  Not the time of day for Blogger to hate me and delete my post.
I attempted to keep it short anyway, and save you from my bleary-eyed, early morning ramblings.  
This is my CPS sketch card for the week.  I used cute Jillibean Soup papers on it (I trimmed the owls from patterned paper.)  Is there anything cuter than animals with party hats? I think not!
The "happy" stamp is from The {Stamps} of Life.

I'm up at the crack of dawn these days because I have an early rising little man.  His big brother was a way-early riser at this age too.  I know this too, shall pass - but dang, 5am is kicking my booty!  There are few worse feelings that being forced to be awake, when all your body wants to do is fall asleep.  And it makes me CRANKY.  But I am trying to use the early mornings to get things done, which at least helps me feel like slightly productive.  (It doesn't always work though!)

And just now, as I typed, Mr. Little Man decided to push his chair to the sink, stand up on it, and attempt to play with the soapy dishes resting there.  20 months old, but he thinks he's six, like his brother.  I suppose it's the Second-Child-Syndrome.  

So now, before he climbs on top of the refrigerator, or starts cooking on the stove, I think I'll go supervise my child more closely and leave you to your weekend.  Happy Memorial Day! We spent yesterday after school at the beach. . .and I suspect we'll have one more beach visit before the long weekend is out!  (Although I also have some top-secret scrappy business to attend to as well!!! Bwahahahaha!)


scrappingnana said...

Your card is adorable. Love the colors and those owls are darling. TFS
Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Saskia said...

Great card! :)

Michelle said...

VERY cute! I love the owls.

My sympathies on your littlest guy being a super early riser. yuck ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love your cute owl card Laura ;)
That Jillibean colelction is adorable!
Hope you manage to get a little more rest over the next few days, and of course that you have a great holiday weekend, hugs, Ruth S