Saturday, September 17, 2011

what? what's that you say?

You say she blogged yesterday AND today? (too much Dr. Seuss in this house, I tell ya!)

So, I can't even SAY the last time I did a card simply for a blog challenge.  I do what I "need" to do - assignments, publication calls, and maybe some Christmas gifts, or a card that I need.  That's about IT.  But. . .you see, there are these markers.  These fabulous, make me swoon MARKERS.  If you know me, you know I don't color on my cards, hardly at ALL.  I'm a paper-piecer.  I LOVE paper-piecing.  But I think my love of paper-piecing grew because I didn't have great markers.  It was out of necessity!  But now, i am pining for the ShinHan Touch Twin Markers. . . .and they are giving some away.  (Which I shouldn't even TELL you, because you'll spoil my chances! ha!)

BUT for the sake of my pathetic cause, I stepped right up and made a card for their challenge. . .make a card with a PERSON, and color it with markers.  Easy enough.  (Except I had to hunt for a person.  People aren't always easy to paper-piece, so I don't HAVE lots of people in my stamp stash!) But I found this cute stick figure from Close To My Heart, and I pulled out the ten year old Tombow markers.  They streak, and they don't blend, and they just aren't magical (and I am quite sure that the Touch Twin markers ARE magical.)  And this, dear friends, is what I made.  My go-to colors of aqua and green, Jillibean Soup papers, and this cute little guy.  (The sentiment and circle are from The {Stamps} of Life. Something else I RARELY do - combine stamp companies!)

So there ya go, my card with a person colored in marker, for the Touch Twin Marker challenge.  (And by the way, can I just mention this is the ONLY challenge I'm entering this card in? It's seriously driving me crazy how people create one card, and it's literally for like 15 challenges.  Come on.  Let's not be ridiculous people.  Two challenges, fine. Even three I can deal with, but stop workin' the system! Sorry if I offended you, but it's REALLY aggravating me!) Okay, I've rambled, I've rhymed, I've vented, and I've earned a chance to win markers.  Pretty good for one blog post.  ;)  (And a blog post which happened the day AFTER another blog post - two in a row baby!)
Happy weekend!!!!


Saskia said...

Great card! :)

Susan aka Mimi said...

You CRACK ME UP!!!! I am not offended....

Lisa Lara said...

Super cute Laura!