Sunday, October 23, 2011

craft fair recap!

I don't know WHAT I was thinking, but I didn't take any pictures of my overall booth. . . so you can't see the CUTE CUTE pennant banner hanging on the table (I'll have to hang it somewhere, photograph it, and post it.)  I used my NEW CUTTLEBUG! (Thank you, sweet Latisha!!!!)  I also used my Cuttlebug and Sizzix dies from Stephanie Barnard's collection for my tags and labels.
 So at least you can see a few of my projects and goodies. . .(most of which didn't sell. Sigh!)
The pinwheel clothespins ALL sold. . .above you can see the magnetic ones, which I sold individually, and below, three-packs of the non-magnetic ones.  They make great bookmarks, chip clips, paper clips. . .just about anything!  I used a pinwheel die from The Cat's Pajamas to make those, plus the pinwheel pencils.  (I think only ONE pencil sold. What the heck am I going to do with all those pencils!?)
 I thought my mini composition books, that were packaged with a few coordinating crayons, would be GREAT stocking stuffers.  (Too bad MY kiddo has seen them already, so Santa can't bring them!) But NONE of them sold.  Apparently I totally missed the mark on that one!  I sold quite a few Christmas gift tags though, and two whole Christmas cards. (WHAT THE HECK!?)
So I am left with TONS of candy, (those cute M&M sleeves we discussed last week. . .yeah, I sold ONE.) And TONS of cards left.  UGH.  I was really hoping to unload a lot of cards!!!

So that's the scoop.  I covered my expenses, and helped pay for next week's groceries. . .so I can't complain.  But I spent an awful lot of time on everything, and energy, and thought. . .and I was hoping it was going to be AWESOME!!!!  But I also knew it might not be.  You just never know with these shows!
No regrets though. . .but now I must go, and find a home for all this STUFF I have leftover!
Have a GREAT Sunday!!!

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Linda said...

If you made enough money to cover your cost and buy groceries it was a success! Congrats!