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Enjoy the Journey summer journal tutorial (Echo Park)

This is the latest tutorial that I created for A Cherry On Top.  I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you'll head over to ACOT to do some shopping! They have deals and sales going on ALLLL the time, so be sure to check it out regularly!

echo park summer journal cover
This summer my family and I will be doing a bit of traveling, and I'd like my seven-year-old to have a place to write about our adventures.  (Although this book turned out so cute, I might have to make one for myself too!) That being said, this is a great project for a child to use OR an adult!  
Echo Park Enjoy the ride journal supplies
Because I created this project for my son, I am prepared that it will be beaten and battered, and I didn't want to spend three days putting this together.  I set out to keep it SIMPLE.  I used Echo Park's mini theme, called Enjoy the Ride, which contains patterned paper, a sheet of journaling spots, and cardstock stickers.  I also used  four sheets of cardstock.  (Please pretend that you don't see the brown cardstock in the above picture. . . .I didn't end up needing it!)  The book has 8 pages, which are used front and back, and they all follow the same basic layout.
In addition to your basic tools, and the Echo Park Enjoy The Ride kit, the  only other items you need to complete this project are:
-a book ring (you can find these at an office supply store, in a variety of sizes)
-a few pieces of ribbon (as few or as many as you'd like)
Okay, here we go.  First we'll get all the cutting out of the way:
For each sheet of cardstock, trim .5 inch from one side (but don't throw it away!)  Then trim 2 4x8 inch strips.  
You'll have a three inch strip left over from each sheet.  (Don't throw that away either!)  Put all that cardstock in nice neat piles, and then we'll move on to patterned paper.
Trim a 2.5-inch and a .5-inch vertical strip of patterned paper.  Then cut each of those strips into 4-inch pieces.  For an 8 page book, you'll need 14 strips.  While you're at it, take that sheet of journaling spots, and trim them apart so you can use them to embellish the journal.  
Then, trim some notebook paper, or lined patterned paper, into 5x3-inch pieces, and round the two right corners.  (See photo below for example.)

Now it's time to stick it all together! This is the basic layout of my pages.  Each one consists of a piece of 8x4-inch cardstock, plus a 2.5-inch strip and .5-inch strip of patterned paper, notebook paper, and then whatever cutie-patootie sticker or journaling spot you'd like to embellish it with. (I left a few pages without notebook paper so that we can attach photos or memorabillia.)  You can also use those extra strips of cardstock, for borders or for matting embellishments. You'll crank these pages out easy peasy, I promise!  Be sure to leave the front of one page free for the cover!
For the cover, I picked my favorite stickers and a journaling spot.  To turn the journaling spot into a pocket, apply adhesive just to the edges, on three sides. It's the perfect spot to stick notes, tickets, and receipts from our adventures.  
Once the pages are completed, punch a hole through each page, and attach them to a metal book ring. 

To finish off the book, I tied some ribbon on the ring.  It's a great way to use up ribbon scraps! Just knot them onto the ring.
Here are a few of the finished pages.

And there you have it! There are so many ways you could customize this project.  A few fun variations. . . . make your book vertical, instead of horizontal, omit the notebook paper for a quick photo book, or put a pocket or envelope on each page to collect your treasures along the way.  I hope that for my son, this will be a great way for him to practice his writing skills, as well as save some special memories about his summer!

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Chan said...

What an ah-dorable journal, Laura -- I love the happy colours!! Thanks for the step-by-step on how you made it! Hope you have fun on your summer travels! :D