Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh look. . .I'm back :)

I left for vacation, and I bet you thought I'd never come back right? You've just been sitting there waiting for me, huh? HA! We had a fabulous, busy, exhausting, and terrific trip to New York.  It was filled with ups and downs, and after two flat tires on a cab ride to the airport, for a few minutes, I thought maybe we'd never make it home. . . .
but we did, and a week later, I am still trying to catch up on laundry.

it's a new month, and there are NEW Stamps of Life goodies to share. Plus I want to sell you something. . .but we'll wait till the end of the post for THAT.

This adorable little raccoon is part of the new stamp set, and I love him. . .but I totally love these acorns too! They are really quite fun to paper-piece, in a weird sort of way! :)

My little raccoon comes out of this card, to be used as a bookmark. . .fun huh?

Okay, on to other business. . .the enabling, selling-stuff business.
You may know that I totally LOVE October Afternoon.  I have loved October Afternoon since wayyyy back when, before they even made paper. (Do you even remember them then?) 
But I have a GIGANTIC stash of some of the papers, and they need to move on.

I have a big priority box filled with Campfire, Schoolhouse, Modern Homemaker, and Seaside papers.  46 papers all together(two sheets of most designs,)  plus 5 diecut edge papers, 4 sheets of 6x12 alpha stickers, 2 sheets of 12x12 alpha stickers, Tin Pins, Wild Cards, and a flashcard album.  The box is $50, which includes the free priority shipping.  Please email me at TomatoL at aol dot com, if you are interested! I'll accept PayPal only, and I'm only shipping within the US.  (Sorry!)


a few more up close images of the goods!!! 

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Nancy said...

You are back and with a lot to say! Those cards are cute, and I love that the raccoon is a book mark. Sweet. Good luck with you crafty sales! I am sure it will get scooped right up.