Tuesday, December 4, 2012

S'more Bonus!

I have a few cards that match the S'more Love kits that I shared a few days ago.  Just thought I would pop in and share them!

I'm plowing through my to-do list today, and knocking items off bit by bit. Feels so good! I just finished and ordered the family calendars for next year. I do a 6x6 calendar every year, featuring family pictures from the previous year.  Want a sneak peek? This is my favorite page, with our fabulous family pics we had taken earlier this year:

Each page follows the same format, (thanks to my fabulous aunt who helps with the calendar png files) A few years ago, when I started this project, each family got a 6x6 spiral stand-up flip book (from Close To My Heart), and now I just give them new calendar pages each year. 
And thanks to Persnickety Prints, my order was printed and ready for shipping within TWO HOURS of my ordering this morning. Can you believe that!?
Check that baby off the list!

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Susan aka Mimi said...

Love this calendar preview! My favorite gift each year are your calendar pages. I look at my calendar every day and other than when I first receive my new pages, I do NOT look ahead at the next month. I like to be surprised (well sort of) each month when I flip the page!