Monday, December 17, 2012

We Must Ketchup!

If you've followed my blog for a while, you may remember this card.  When Kim Hughes came out with the Vegtastic stamp set at Paper Smooches, I knew I *HAD* to have it because I have a major thing for tomatoes.  Seriously.

You see, my maiden name sounded just like tomato, and there's something about school-age nicknames. . .they STICK, don't they? Eventually along the way, I grew to embrace my inner tomato and I just became Laura Tomato, Tomato, or 'Mato, (because every nickname needs it's own nickname.)

My friends gave me all sorts of tomato gifts each year - tomato candles, tomato dish towels, ceramic tomatoes - my dad even found me a tomato license plate for my first little red car!  Even my email address is still TomatoL - it was my first email address, and it's been my only email address.

Okay - so back to present day, you see why I NEEDED this stamp set.  I had to have that tomato.  A few weeks ago, I received an email from the folks at Muir Glen (you know, the organic tomato people?) They contacted me because they came across this card, from the original blog post, and wanted to share it. Of course, I said SURE!!  They've even agreed to share some Muir Glen goodies with us! And once Kim, at Paper Smooches, heard about the fun, she decided to offer up her Vegtastic stamp set!

SO - it's your lucky day. A chance to win a fabulous prize pack from Muir Glen, (a tote bag, dish towel, and even some delicious Muir Glen tomato products!) as well as a Vegtastic clear stamp set.  Two winners will be picked - one for each of these great giveaways!

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Thanks so much for stopping by today!!! If this was your first visit, I hope you'll come hang out with me again! Also feel free to find me on Pinterest.  You can find Paper Smooches on Pinterest, as well as Muir Glen!  Have a sweet tomato day!!! xoxo