Friday, February 22, 2013

better late than never!

I know we are all completely sick of Valentine's projects. (Well, I know I am anyway!) But please don't leave me . .I have one more Valentine project for the season! This is a project that you could easily UN-Valentine, and turn it into a birthday bag, or even a St. Patrick's Day bag. (Oooh, that's actually a pretty good idea!) 
To create this bag, I used a super simple bag template, from Mel Stampz. Seriously - her blog is fabulous, and she has a ton of super ideas, templates and digital freebies.  I can't tell you how often I have googled something, and her blog pops up.

You can find the template on her blog: 

Her version, with a cool sunflower tag is adorable! Be sure to go check it out!
So all I did was print the template out onto my cardstock, then cut it out and put it together! Easy peasy!

I used super sweet stamps from The Stamps of Life to decorate my bag, and create the little PS tag.  Then I dug into my Christmas wrapping goodies and found some red metallic shredded paper to stuff inside. 

Thanks so much for coming by today! Have a fabulous day!


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Sue D said...

Very cute--I had forgotten about the Mel Stampz blog.

Michelle said...

This is really cute!