Sunday, March 3, 2013

Things that make me happy {giveaway!!!!}

There are quite a few things in the world that make me happy. Shall I name a few?
yellow roses,
making pretty things with paper,
cleaning out closets (seriously!)
and . . . . SCRUBBING things.

Don't get me wrong - my house is not spotless (not even close!)  I don't particularly like to straighten up.  I do the usual, "Oh dear, someone is coming over in 30 minutes, I better get this place in shape!" (Please tell me you do that too!)  But scrubbing, and deep cleaning. . .now that's something I can get into!  Give me an old toothbrush and some grout to scrub, and I am your woman!

SO, when the lovely people at Soft Scrub provided me with a bottle of their new All Purpose Bath and Kitchen Cleanser, I decided to put it to a serious test and see how it would work on the grout.  I received the lemon cleanser, which I loved, because I HATE cleaning with bleach!  It smelled fresh and not at all overwhelming.  The verdict? It worked pretty darn well! Here you can see my before and after:
The new Soft Scrub kitchen and bathroom cleanser leaves less residue than before so it was easy to wipe up, and it has a new bottle and lid design, created to prevent spills. 

Okay, now before you get jealous of me and my soft scrubbiness, you too can enjoy the magic!  Thanks to my gig with the Purex Insiders, Soft Scrub has provided me with coupons for free bottles of Soft Scrub, and I am quite happy to share them with YOU!  

Please leave a comment on this post, each day through March 8 and I will draw 
two random winners

And I certainly wouldn't want to leave you without a card, so here's a lemony fresh card from The Stamps of Life, using stamps from the February release.  I used a new embossing folder from Sizzix, which I might start putting on everything I make. I LOVE it!!

Okay my friends, crafty and scrubby and fun. . .comment away, you can add a comment each day - and I'll draw two winners soon! When? I'm not quite sure yet! I'll keep ya guessing. . . late this week I think!
{This contest is over. Thanks for participating!!!!!}