Friday, July 12, 2013

A "reject" that really isn't a reject!

Please know, I use the term "reject" QUITE loosely.  This was a card that won't be making it onto the pages of Paper Crafts magazine.  Yesterday was the Practical Solutions special issue "party day", which means that email requests went out for the cards which will be within the pages of this sure-to-be-fab issue.  I call it "party day" because there is QUITE the shindig over on the Paper Crafts Facebook page, as the emails go out.  It is a blast to whoop and holler with all the crafty cardmakers who have received requests. I will be the first to admit that I will not have any cards in this issue.  I submitted about 6, but nothing was quite what they needed - and that is truly and totally okay with me! So if you submitted, and didn't get happy mail yesterday, please don't feel bummed!  The good news is, there's still a call out for the January/February 2014 issue - so don't lose hope!

Today I'll share this "rejected" card with you.  I created it from some repurposed craft packaging, from Pink Paislee.  The clear container was from my Luxe chipboard. I slid the cloud patterned paper into the plastic, after adding some chipboard and stickers to it.  I tied twine around it, and then I attached the whole thing to a card base. I added more stickers and chipboard on top - going for a sort of 3D scene kind of a deal.

The composition isn't fabulous. I loved the idea of it. . . .but it didn't quite come together as perfectly as I had envisioned it.  But it's still cute - and someone will love it. (This will definitely be a hand-delivered card because there's no way it will go in an envelope!)  Oh - and all of the paper, chipboard, and stickers I used are from Simple Stories, from their I Heart Summer collection. It is bright and cheery, and warm, and filled with summer love!
So there you have it.
A reject which really isn't a reject at all.
I hope you like it!
Now. . .get submitting to the Jan/Feb issue - think hearts and snowflakes, instead of summer and sunshine! I am going to attempt to find my crafty groove, which seems to have left my body at the moment, so I can do the same!
Thanks for coming by today!


Niki G said...

Now that's an innovative card...I like the 3D look! Thanks for the positive outlook on getting "rejected" It's disappointing, but I always tell myself there's always next time! On the flip side it makes a fast and easy post cause the projects are already done!

Jingle said...

This is adorable!

Tenia Nelson said...

I just LURVE this!!! :)

Virginia L. said...

I was on the same boat with you on that call (LOL)!! This card is totally darling! I love the elements and colors. It's totally pub-worthy to me! I really appreciate that you share this happy card!