Monday, August 5, 2013

Post-vacation craftiness

{card details: patterned paper, stickers - October Afternoon}

A little post-vacay card for you.
I didn't create it post-vacation.
But it fits. And I have post-vacation-blog-guilt.
I haven't blogged or had a post prescheduled for too many days!
Blog-guilt.  Who'd have thought?!
Anyhooooo, I am home and happy and we had a FABULOUS time away.
The kiddos (and the adults) were pretty much in the creek the ENTIRE time.
We caught up with friends along the way, admired how big all of our kids have gotten, and shared lots of delicious food.
And the weather in North Carolina. . .ohmygosh. So much nicer than Florida! We actually saw the thermometer say SIXTY TWO in the mornings.
Okay, so I super love this picture of my boys. But seriously - doesn't that backdrop look FAKE?! It's like some cheesy  1980's portrait background.  But I promise you, people.  This is completely REAL. Juneywhank Falls, near Bryson City NC. Stunningly beautiful! 

lots and lots of time in the creek.
the COLD creek.

But now I'm BACK. And I got some FUN product in my mailbox while I was away, so I'm diving in and getting back to crafty business.  I think it was good for me to get away from my desk. I've gotten organized, and I'm ready to get it in gear!
Two more weeks till school starts.  {Hoping that will give me more crafty time, but I'm not so sure!}

Hoping your August has gotten off to a beautiful start!!!!! 
Thanks for coming by!


Jingle said...

Your card is SO cute and so is that photo of your littles! :)

Darnell J Knauss said...

Your lighthouse card is terrific, Laura! But those adorable boys do steal the show!! It looks like paradise where you were!! (I totally know what you mean about those cheesy fake backgrounds; I remember those!)

Niki G said...

How sweet is that picture of your boys! Haha, it does look like a backdrop. Your lighthouse card is fab and love the vocab sentiment.