Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Discount Cardstock {My Top Ten-or-so list}

As a papercrafter, cardstock is well, umm. . .like, THE most important thing. (Can I get an amen!?) Without paper, we are NOTHING! I have been so fortunate to work as a designer for Discount Cardstock for the past few years, and I have had a chance to experience and share a LOT of cardstock. Can I share (and tempt you with) a few of my favorites, plus some coordinating projects?

First up, Posh Sky Blue Crepe Cardstock.  It's cardstock. . .but it has the texture of crepe paper.  I have found the Sky Blue to be my favorite, because it makes a FABULOUS water texture, as you'll see in a minute. . .
Next up in my Top 10: Kraft Smooth Cardstock 80# 
{a side-note. . .do you know what the numbers after cardstock and paper mean? It designates the weight of it. 80# cardstock is pretty average, what you would normally think of when you imagine a cardstock. The larger the number, the heavier the weight.}

And to show off these two cardstocks, one of my favorite oldie-but-a-goodie cards featuring Paper Smooches Stamps, along with the Posh Crepe, and Kraft cardstocks. Also shown in this card, is the next in my Top 10. . .

Brilliant White 80#  . . .this is my absolute go-to white cardstock.  I have another I love (you'll see it shortly) especially for markers, but my everyday cardstock is this.  It stamps nicely, folds smoothly, and is just an all-around great cardstock.

And if I'm using alcohol markers, and I really need an extra crisp, bleed-free, smooth finish I turn to 

What number are we up to? Well, whatever it is, Razzleberry Pop Tone cardstock by French Paper Company.  The whole collection of Pop Tone cardstock has delicious names, like Berrylicious, Banana Split, and Pink Lemonade.  The colors are fresh and bright and the 100# is thick and sturdy. Razzleberry is my favorite, but Blu Rasberry is a close second (you know I have a love affair with aqua colors!)
And a sample.  On this card, I embossed the Razzleberry, using a Sizzix embossing folder. 

What was I saying about aqua? Posh Aqua Satin Sparkle . . . .swoon.  Aqua with little flecks of mica loveliness in it? It's fabulous!

Here's a sample featuring Aqua Satin Sparkle (and stamps from The Stamps of Life.)

 Equally as fabulous, but different as can be, is the Posh Dungaree cardstock.  It has a denim texture to it, which really creates a polished look for card bases and matting.  (It's not really made for stamping on, although the back side is smooth and fine for stamping!)
The card below actually features the Citrus Lime Dungaree, along with a smooth red cardstock - but you can definitely see the great texture in this sample! 

And last on my list of "Top 10 or so" papers from Discount Cardstock, is this . . . the Scored Card Variety Pack. 300 pre-scored, precut card bases. (And right now it's on sale for $10.99 - hello, can you BEAT THAT!?) The cards come in a variety of colors, and textures - even metallic.  If you make a TON of cards, and you like a lot of variety to pull from, this is a great stash to have! I have so much of it, I even give stacks of card bases to my kids when they're creating.  They love choosing the color they want to use, and it's all ready to go!

Discount Cardstock is offering free shipping on purchases over $49.  
Now, will you ever forgive me for enabling you all, and taunting you with my favorite cardstock? 
Thanks so much for stopping by!!!


Gina said...

A mutual friend of ours sent me a link to your blog this morning...and oh...now you AND Kimberly are in trouble for the cardstock enabling! ;) I've heard great things about the PopTone CS (I know a couple of clear stamp companies are resellers). And, I really like the look of the crepe paper CS! Have never seen it before and I'm going to have to look into ordering some of it. Thanks for the tip!!

Laura Williams said...

I'm so glad you came by, Gina!!! {And I'm sorry for showing you things you might "need"!} Come visit me again soon! :) If you have a blog, leave me a link and I'll stop by and see YOU too!!! :)

Allie Gower said...

I love your post. I quickly fell in love with DiscountCardstock.com for the quality papers and the great deals. I love all your creations!!!

Pamela said...

Loving all those colored cardstock!! But that first card... the fish is just so adorable!

Susan aka Mimi said...

This card is wonderful! I am really drawn to the colors and the design. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!